Limmud Michigan is a volunteer run festival and celebration of Jewish thought, culture, learning, teaching and fun! Dedicated to the Jewish experience and exploration in all its variety, Limmud is committed to harnessing the energy of people from across the Jewish community.

Would you like to present? Be part of the international Limmud phenomenon and become a presenter at the next Limmud Michigan.

In keeping with Limmud International Values and Principles, everyone is a learner at Limmud Michigan. Presenters are also attendees. If your session is accepted, please plan on attending the conference for the day in addition to your session. Share your experience, skills, ideas and views!  Offer your passion: conventional or un-. Hands-on programs are especially welcome.

Limmud Michigan 2016 Video Highlights
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Limmud Michigan 2016 event sampler tour

Growing the Community, Ruby Robinson, Limmud Michigan 2016

Limmud History in Brief: Limmud Michigan 2016 interview with Seymour 'Epi' Epstein

A Family Experience: Three Generations at Limmud Michigan 2016

A Personal Perspective on Limmud Michigan

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