What Is Limmud:

In Hebrew, Limmud means "learning." Limmud Michigan, an entirely independent 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, has brought to our region a remarkable venture in Jewish learning. It emulates the phenomenally successful enterprise created in the U.K., echoed in 83 communities in 43 countries – each with its own unique flavor.

We strive to create a community in which Jews of all persuasions and affiliations, or "un-affiliations," from across the state of Michigan and beyond, come together to create and celebrate Jewish learning and living.

We strive to create a space for Jews to craft their own Jewish experiences, explore their connections to Jewish ideas and tradition, and meet people who share their curiosity and enthusiasm.

Our fourth event will be an unforgettable day-long festival of learning and experience in West Bloomfield, Michigan, on Sunday, March 31, 2019, created and implemented entirely through the imagination and effort of volunteers.

So, what is Limmud? Limmudniks say:

  • "An organization dedicated to Jewish learning in all its variety."
  • "A place to craft your own Jewish identity."
  • "Jewish learning without limits."
  • "An "unexpected" Jewish festival."
  • "A Communiversity."

And, who is Limmud for? Limmudniks say:

  • It is for anyone and everyone who asks the questions:
  • What about Judaism speaks to me?"
  • Where do I find meaning and purpose in my practice?"
  • What is being Jewish really all about?"

Limmudniks say:
"All those answers are right. So just come. You'll get it when you're in it."