1. Please remember that you are not registering for specific sessions. After you check in you can proceed to the sessions of your choice. Occasionally there will not be sufficient space for all; in preparation for such cases it’s a good idea to have a second choice ready.
  2. If you are purchasing more than one registration, please be sure you provide us with the name of each registrant. This is very important: it’s the only way we can properly prepare the ID tags and check-in materials.
  3. You will not receive an actual ticket but your registration will be acknowledged by e-mail.
  4. If you wish to pay by check you must register by mail. Click here to download the Register by Check-in-the-Mail Form
  5. Registration fees:
    Early bird registration: $25 per person. Beginning March 1st, that will change to $36. per person.
    Student registration: $18 per student.
  6. To purchase transportation, click here, or use the Transportation menu item.
  7. To register a child for Camp Limmud, click here, or use the Camp Limmud menu item.
  8. While you're registering, would you consider making a donation? Click here to go to the donations page.
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Names of student registrants